What Happened To That One Blogger?

Dear Readers,

I must apologize profusely for being away so long.  When life gives you lemons, sometimes you get a whole truckload.  My family has had a few deaths in the past year and I have also been busy getting my new arts & crafts shop up and running.  And so it goes.  Lots to talk about though, so I hope to fill these pages soon.  So this is what’s been goin’ on with me and that crazy spinning globe of ours since I’ve written last:  

  • My baby nephew died 
  • My uncle died
  • I started my arts & crafts online business
  • My cousin died
  • My grandma died
  • My stepdaughter graduated from high school
  • My niece was born
  • Israel and Palestine’s military government known as Hamas go to war in the Gaza Strip, sparking some debate over Palestine’s mass citizen casualties vs. Israel’s and American involvement. Palestinians and  Palestinian-Americans protest against bombings.  Ceasefires have been of late, more successful.
  • Two Malaysian commercial airliners are lost within 4 months of each other.  Flight 370 is still missing, the second, Flight MH17, is attacked by surface to air missile by Pro-Russian separatists over the Ukraine leaving no survivors.  Russian President Vladimir Putin claims no knowledge of missile attack and blames the Ukrainian government.  President Obama counters with sanctions placed on Russia.  At least 10 nationalities were on board MH17, a large group of AIDS researchers en route to an International AIDS Conference, a senator, an author, an actress.  80 children and many families aboard, all perish.
  • The Islamic State Territory (formerly ISIS) begins a genocide of Christian Muslims in Iraq.  US bombs Islamic state to stop the killing.  Reports of systematic beheading of Christian  children surface.  Christian refugees flee.
  • Residents of the St. Louis city of historic Ferguson became enraged over the police shooting death of teenager, Michael Brown, leading to riots, burning of businesses and protests.  Major details of the shooting investigation are still unclear as the investigation is ongoing.  The identity of the policeman who shot the teenager has not been revealed as he has received death threats. 
  • And, one of the saddest and shocking events in our popular culture, was the hanging suicide of much beloved comedian actor, Mr. Robin Williams at age 63.  Mr. Williams had been open over the years about depression and his struggles with addiction to drugs and alcohol. He had an aortic valve replacement in 2009 and remarried in 2011.  He had checked himself into an addiction clinic recently for alcoholism, but reportedly as a preventative measure. Many question the reasoning behind his suicide; it appears there was financial trouble, his television show had been cancelled after one season and possibly a strain on the marriage.   The only reality we do know is that a man who so generously gave the gift of laughter to the world and charity to several organizations and support to our troops over the years, is gone and we only wish he would have asked for help in his darkest hour.  We are left with heavy hearts and the wish that somehow, we could have repaid him for the joy he gave so many.  Three children (from 2 previous marriages) and his wife survive.  In a world that needs laughter, his painful choice leaves us disheartened. It makes one ask,”What kind of world do we live in, that Robin Williams doesn’t want to be in it anymore?”  Of course, these were his personal struggles and we must carry on.  We must laugh and smile.  That’s our job now.  This is how we repay him for his noble effort.  O Captain, my Captain. Nanu nanu.  May you have peace now, sweet prince.  And God willing, so shall we someday.


    Stop the world, I wanna get off!

    Stop the world, I wanna get off!

    Image thanks goes to:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/chrismar/


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